Simple Solution for my External Hard Drive Problem...

Do you have a laptop? Do you also use an external hard drive or charge your phone on your laptop? If so, maybe you can relate to my problem that has been bugging me for over a year (and why I never thought of this solution sooner is beyond me).

You see, the only time I really use my laptop at a desk is at school. I mean, it's a laptop. It's meant to be portable! But when I have my external hard drive attached I tend to forget it's there. So, there have been numerous times I've gotten up from my relaxed position on the family room couch only to find that I, once again, accidentally unplugged the hard drive. It's especially frustrating when I'm in the middle of something new and I hadn't saved it.

For some time I've been looking for some sort of pocket to attach to my laptop case to hold it. Believe it or not, I could not find anything designed for an external hard drive (or my iPhone, either...which tends to have the same fate when it's attached & I forget about it). There had to be something. But, I had no such luck.

Then I realized that my hard drive came with a little carrying case. (I have a tendency to toss these things aside and instead cram all my devices into my school bag...) I found the case in a junk drawer and brainstormed ways I could attach it to my laptop.

It didn't take long to realize that Velcro(TM) would be the best way to secure it. I bought some industrial strength (no, the hard drive isn't heavy, but I wanted to guarantee it would never fall off) and easily stuck it on. The best part is that the little case can also hold my iPhone, as well, as it charges. (I just realized it can hold one of my little cameras, too.) Since the pocket has a zipper, I just keep the top open so the cord can stick out. I can easily carry it around the house without worrying about it slipping or sliding and falling. Seriously, this simple solution has made my life so much easier!

Here are some additional pictures and the how-to steps:
Supplies you will need: Velcro (I used industrial's not going anywhere!), scissors, laptop, external hard drive case.
The external hard drive case remains secure as the laptop is opened and closed.
The steps are simple: 
1. Cut the Velcro to the size of your case. 
2. Attach one piece to your case, the other to your laptop cover.
3. Stick the case on the Velcro, making sure the opening is "up" so the hard drive doesn't fall out.
Problem of the accidental detachment of external hard drive is SOLVED!
If your external hard drive doesn't come with a little case, you could probably make one yourself if you are crafty and can sew. Or maybe you could convince the family consumer science teacher (a.k.a. home ec) that this would be a great project for the sewing class! :) Either way, I do hope you find my simple tip helpful if you happen to have the same problem.

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