Halloween at the High School - Do You Dress Up?

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High School Teachers Halloween Cosumes

It's almost Halloween and I haven't started on my Halloween costume yet...in fact, I'm kind of a procrastinator when it comes to that, then find myself frantically pulling something together the night before. But, I must say, our teaching staff has been pretty darn good about sporting some cool costumes over the years.

Do you dress up at school? Do your students? Do you celebrate at all? I thought I would share some of our best (and maybe worst) costumes over the years...those I have pictures of, anyway. And to fill you in: my husband teaches at the same school, which is why we are often photographed together. ;]

Halloween Gilligan's Island
 Our school has contests each year for best group, best couple, best individual, scariest, most creative, etc. The faculty doesn't compete against the students, but we still like to have fun and participate. A couple of years ago we went as Gilligan's Island (I'm Lovey Howell...with my Andy Warhol wig.)
Halloween Village People
 The Village People (they even had a dance!)
Halloween Village People
Star Wars  Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 My husband was Darth Vader and I went as Princess Leia's hologram that is projected from R2D2. (So my only line all day was, "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!") I made my R2D2 with a popcorn bowl taped to a trash can on top of an ab roller. I stuck a flashlight inbetween the bowl & trash can so it looked like I was the hologram. I fashioned fishing line from the ab roller to my boot, so when I walked, R2D2 rolled with me. The students could not figure out how I got him to roll. ;)
Our son went as a Stormtrooper that year, so it was pretty cool when the elementary kids came over and did their parade at the high school. We forgot to get a group shot together, though. :(
Halloween Star Wars www.traceeorman.com

Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
Stephen King's Carrie.
Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Members of the Lollipop Guild with a fireman.
Munchkins Lollipop Guild Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Our special ed. teachers always have the best group costumes! (They organized the Gilligan's Island and this Lollipop Guild. Last year they did Charlie Brown. Another year was the Adams Family.)
Snoopy Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
Our art teacher is always creative, too. Here he is as Snoopy. Below, he's Buzz Lightyear.
My husband and I as King Tut and Sister Wendy. Yes, we are geeked out to the max!
www.traceeorman.com  Halloween costumes

And this was going to be my costume one year. I was supposed to cut out the eyes and go as the "Scream" painting by Munch (this was when I was also teaching art history). But I was so proud of my painting, I just couldn't cut the eyes. lol So I went as Princess Leia's hologram that year. 
Scream  Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
If I can find the picture of me as a PEZ dispenser, I will add it. That was definitely a challenging costume to get around in all day!

Here are some of my favorite student costumes over the last few years.
This one I am biased--it's our son as Mr. Bill. :) The crayons behind him are awesome, too.
Mr. Bill Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Rock, Paper, Scissors...
Rock Paper Scissors Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Tractor and paper sack guy.
 Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Tooth fairy.
 Tooth Fairy Halloween costumes www.traceeorman.com
 Taco Sauce Packets.
 Halloween costumes
 Jelly Belly jelly beans.
 Halloween costumes
 Fruit of the Loom.
 Halloween costumes  Fruit of the Loom
 Ken and Barbie in their Dream Car.
Ken and Barbie  Halloween costumes
 Girl Scout & Boy Scout.
 Halloween costumes  Scouts
 Miscellaneous class group picture.
 Halloween costumes
 And who doesn't love a pirate? Arrrrgh!
 Halloween costumes
 The Flintstones.
 Halloween costumes
 Bella and Edward (or, Edward's cut-out).
Twilight  Halloween costumes

 Will you dress up this year? If so, tell us as what you will be.
And post your links to your Halloween costumes below! :)

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