Do Your Students Struggle With Proper Usage?

Do your students struggle with proper usage, such as when to use there, their, and they're?

If so, here's a helpful visual aid you can print and post in your classroom. I've made several of these for the most common usage errors I see in my students' writing samples (and on Facebook, Twitter). 
Grammar Tips - Proper usage of There, Their, They're from www.traceeorman.com

You can find this anchor chart (without my blog tag) and many more here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Common-Grammar-Usage-Problem-Areas-Anchor-Charts

I also posted quizzes and activities to compliment the frequently confused words here:

Have a great weekend, everyone! Aren't you glad it's Friday!?

Font by Kimberly Geswein of KG fonts

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