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What #MakesMyDay - The Positives of Teaching

When a student asks: "Do we get to read our books today?" #MakesMyDay

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Yesterday I blogged about #TeacherProblems, so today I wanted to balance it with the positive side of teaching: things that make our days worth all the struggles and stressors.

So what makes it all worth it for you? Comment below or share your own images. Join me on my collaborative #MakesMyDay board on Pinterest to pin the things that make your day. Leave your Pinterest url below and I will add you.

When a student says, "I finally get it!" #MakesMyDay

When a student says: "I love this book. Can I read it again?" #MakesMyDay

When a student says: "I can't wait until the next book comes out!" #MakesMyDay

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